Current Members

Meet the GrooVians!

GrooVians are funny, weird, goofy, and energetic. But most of all, they’re hardworking and dedicated musicians! These are the current members of GrooVe!

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Bailey Phegley

American Sign Language, Sophomore

Bailey got her groove back because:
-She is a powerful motivational speaker, but only to her house plants and knick-knacks.
-True story: she once owned The rights to Apple, but lost them in a poker match with Steve Jobs back in 2002. To be fair, Steve Jobs should not have been playing poker with a four year old.
-She can change her appearance at will.
-Bailey is one part of a five person crime fighting team that when fused together forms a giant super-being. She is the right leg.


Becca Raines

Elementary Education and Science, Senior

You should write her a postcard because:
-Becca is made up entirely of cotton.
-In 2003, she was called into questioning by the FBI because she actually witnessed an interaction between aliens and her dog.
-Becca has never been seen in person, only on Skype.
-Quite frankly, shapes.


Chase Reynolds

Biomedical Studies, Junior

Chase is on the lam because:
-Chase can wrap a present in under eight seconds, even those giant popcorn tin things.
-Despite popular belief, Chase has actually only been to four of the eight planets in our solar system; it’s only five if you’re counting Pluto.
-In the behind-the-scenes footage of Titanic, Chase can be see hiding Swedish Fish in the cushions of the couch Kate Winslet poses nude on.
-Chase can read minds, but only when it rains.


Cynda Molina

Special Education, Sophomore

Cynda’s pretty neat, also:
-She has no alibi for the night Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, and she has a room in her house no one is allowed in… Coincidence?
-Sometimes when Cynda smiles you can hear bells chime.
-The Board game Clue was based on Cynda’s life.
-The Board game Twister was also based on Cynda’s life.

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Devon McAllister

Engineering, Sophomore
Vocal Percussion

Devon’s not allowed in Chili’s anymore because:
-Devon has a large collection of Batman-themed items, but has never seen any of the Batman films or TV shows. He’s too deep in the lie to turn back now.
-When you X-ray Devon’s chest you’ll find two kittens where his lungs should be.
-Devon is the oldest man alive, except for like a few other guys probably.
-No matter how hard he tries, Devon cannot figure out where Seattle is.


Evan Hausig

Biology, Junior

Evan almost beat out President Obama in the 2012 primary, but lost because:
-As a baby he was found in the Amazon Rain Forest wrapped in a golden fleece blanket, no one knows how he got there.
-He is more precious than the stars and moon combined, but somehow not as precious as the sun.
-He learned the hard way what happens when you give a moose a muffin.
-Evan has the ability to see through time and space, but doesn’t use it because he doesn’t want to invade time and Space’s privacy.


Jon Grube

Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy, Freshman

Jon’s last name is pronounced kind of like groovy, and we like that about him. Did you also know:
– He has pet every breed of dog, and keeps a log of each one and how soft their fur was that day.
-When Jon smiles you can actually feel your heart grow 3 sizes in that moment.
-If you catch him off-guard, he sometimes responds to the name Beyoncé… We are still looking into exactly what this could mean.
-Jon’s stomach is made of the same material as Mary Poppin’s magic bag.

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Kelli Nemetz

Elementary Education, German, and English, Senior

Lyrics to a song about Kelli include:
-As a baby, Kelli was sent from the planet Krypton to Earth to avoid the destruction of her people. She now fights crime and boredom.
-She is sixty years old.
-Kelli was present at every major event in human history except that one.
-Due to a childhood accident, Kelli has a calculator where most people have belly buttons


Marina Mihelich

Grand Valley State University, Freshman

Marina is a rockstar because:
-there is always a slight breeze blowing her hair back majestically at all times, we can’t figure out how she does it!
-She is followed around by a group of baby duckings, which makes going into public restrooms a bit of a hassle.
-Marina can speak six languages but only if she whispers.
-Her hands are actually just mannequin hands that they display on the counters at nail salons.


Mary Kate Murnen

Communication Studies, Senior

Obviously she’s awesome, but did you know:
-Mary Kate can fly up to three inches above the ground.
-She once made an origami paper crane out of a pizza.
-If Mary Kate touches the top of your head, all of your illnesses are replaced with mild itching.
-Mary Kate built the Eiffel Tower out of legos and American know-how.


Mitch Couturier

Computer Science, Senior

Mitch is pretty okay because:
-Mitch is as dense as a black hole, making him weigh 58,000 tons while still maintaining a svelte figure.
-He is the only GrooVian who identifies as a bird.
-His heart is powered by the only thing stronger than him- the power of love.
-Every part of Mitch is incredibly weak except for his indestructible fingernails.


Steven Moore

General Business, Sophomore

Steven hates playing the recorder. Other fun facts include:
– He has a twin, but we can’t figure out who’s who because they both keep telling us that they’re the “real Steven”.
-He once beat Bruce Lee in a very intense round of thumb war.
-Somewhere in the world, there is a boomerang that Steven threw when he was 11 that has yet to land.
-Steven’s secret talent is that he is also a really sturdy chip clip.


Talon Rudel

Film and Video, Senior

Talon got into GrooVe! because:
-Talon has three hearts.
-His favorite foods are everything and fire.
-Talon has memorized the lyrics to every song containing the word “baby”.
-Talon is Jenna Convalle’s imaginary friend.


Tommy Anglim

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sophomore

Tommy has sparkly eyes, but did you also know:
-He feeds exclusively on beautiful sunsets and green bell peppers.
-He is currently starring in a one-man production of Mamma Mia on Broadway, tickets are onsale now.
-Whenever Tommy snaps his fingers they produce a small flame, he’s been really useful at birthday parties.
-Tommy has never smelled pizza in his whole life.


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