Current Members

Meet the GrooVians!

GrooVians are funny, weird, goofy, and energetic. But most of all, they’re hardworking and dedicated musicians! These are the current members of GrooVe!


Ben Brown

Physics, Sophomore

Ben is loved by many, but few know that:
-Life is a computer game and Ben Brown is the one behind the keyboard.
-Ben Brown once won a staring contest against Mt. Rushmore.
-Jerry Seinfeld and Ben Brown held hands one time. It was awkward for everyone involved.
-When Ben Brown smiles you can hear angels singing songs from the soundtrack of Shrek 2.


Miranda Bibb

Math, Junior

Miranda once won an award for coolest Facebook mom, but did you also know that:
-She can bake cookies which cure any ailment you may face in life.
-When she was a young child, she befriended a penguin named Jerry whom she still keeps in touch with and sends Christmas cards to.
-In her free time, she volunteers as a puppy cuddler and nurses sick pups back to health just by looking at them.
-Her blanket is actually a cape that she carries just in case the world needs saving.


Jill Bucaro

Allied Health Sciences, Sophomore

Jill has the ability to skip on clouds. Other important facts about Jill are:
-Mermaids go to her for advice on how to do their hair.
-Each time she wears a sweater, she gains a new superpower.
-Few people are aware, but she was the one who trained Yoda.
-Bananas are her kryptonite.


Sergio Cabañas

Computer Information Systems, Senior

Sergio was given a personal invitation to the Dundees because:
-The Aflac duck was actually just Sergio in a really good costume.
-Sergio can speak over 50 languages but he won’t tell us which ones.
-Robert Downey Jr. goes to Sergio for advice about his hair.
-Sergio’s accent resonates at a frequency that can be felt in the heart from miles away.


Ashley DeBeaussaert

Elementary Education, Sophomore

Ashley has been knighted by the Queen of England because:
-Ashley can walk on water when the temperature has been below freezing for a couple of days.
-She was asked to play the role of Jules in the movie Pulp Fiction but declined because she was afraid she would want to keep the afro.
-It is physically impossible to be upset with Ashley. We’ve tried, but the laws of physics prevent it.
-Ashley is the only person we’ve ever seen guess correctly in Guess Who the first time every single time


Lexi Hebert

Criminal Justice and Psychology, Sophomore

Lexi was created by scientists to spread joy in the world. Here’s how she does it:
-Lexi keeps telling us that she has proof that Finland doesn’t exist, but changes the subject when we ask her to show us.
-Lexi’s dog is actually just a really small werewolf.
-Lexi can hear people speaking from miles away whenever she uses a phone.
-When asked to choose between a million dollars and a good night’s sleep, she didn’t answer because she was already asleep.


Bradi Johnson

Psychology, Freshman

Could Bradi be America’s Next Top Model? Perhaps, but some true facts about her are:
-Bradi is a master of disguise. She may even be you right now, who knows?
-She has such a strong connection to her cats, she can make them dance on command.
-A traveling circus once picked up Bradi as a performer, but apparently “rock-paper-scissors expert” didn’t bring in as much of a crowd as they wanted.
-She once designed spring shoes that could make her jump higher than a house. This was aided by the fact that houses cannot jump.


Logan Larson

Biomedical Science, Sophomore

Logan is the secret apprentice to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. Some other fun facts include:
-Logan was disappointed to discover that the movie Logan was not about her.
-Logan was also disappointed to discover that the movie Boss Baby was not about her.
-Ironically, Logan is still unaware that the movie Braveheart is actually about her.
-Logan’s spirit animal is that one squirrel that ran up to you that one time in the park. You remember that time.


Andrew Leemon

Theater, Junior

Andrew has taken many a person to Funky Town, but did you also know:
-Andrew once got into an acting competition with Jack Nicholson. It ended in a draw because they couldn’t tell who was who.
-The police are always after Andrew, but only to tell him how handsome he is.
-Andrew keeps an elf in his pocket at all times. He thinks the rest of us don’t notice, but we’re on to him.
-When Andrew shoots his finger guns, he shoots a ray of positivity that does 1d6 points of damage to sadness.


Devon McAllister

Computer Information Systems, Senior
Vocal Percussion

Devon’s not allowed in Chili’s anymore because:
-Devon has a large collection of Batman-themed items, but has never seen any of the Batman films or TV shows. He’s too deep in the lie to turn back now.
-When you X-ray Devon’s chest you’ll find two kittens where his lungs should be.
-Devon is the oldest man alive, except for like a few other guys probably.
-No matter how hard he tries, Devon cannot figure out where Seattle is.


Siera Monroe

Elementary Education, Sophomore

Siera dances with wolves frequently, but did you know:
-She once blew a kiss at someone but missed and now it’s just floating in the air somewhere.
-It only takes 3 and a half balloons to lift her off the ground, but only if the balloons are purple.
-She once drove the entire circumference of the earth without a vehicle
-Her style icon is Josh Groban, but don’t ask her why.


Steven Moore

Accounting, Senior

Steven hates playing the recorder. Other fun facts include:
– He has a twin, but we can’t figure out who’s who because they both keep telling us that they’re the “real Steven”.
-He once beat Bruce Lee in a very intense round of thumb war.
-Somewhere in the world, there is a boomerang that Steven threw when he was 11 that has yet to land.
-Steven’s secret talent is that he is also a really sturdy chip clip.


Brittany O’Connell

Undeclared, Freshman

Brittany was the first to know when the boys were back in town. Other facts about her include:
-Brittany can count to 100 faster than anyone we’ve ever seen. Like, it’s absolutely wild how fast it is. Truly unbelievable.
-The aura that Brittany radiates can calm even the most hangry of people.
-Brittany is a master prankster; she once convinced the entire state of Wyoming that they weren’t real
-Brittany once threw a football over a mountain range. The whole thing.


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Alexa Kroonblawd

Alison Haney

Amber Brashier

Bailey Phegley

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Becca Sikina

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Casey McCullen

Casie Huntley

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Claire Fellin

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Cynda Molina

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Evan Hausig

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Jacob Sackleh

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Jenna Convalle

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Jonathan Garcia

Joshua Sackleh

Kalli Siringas

Keegan Cox

Kelli Nemetz

Kris Cortez

LisaMarie Misuraca

Max Elliott

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Mary Kate Murnen

Mitch Couturier

Mo Denhof

Nick Ciliak

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