GrooVe! Auditions

Check back with us in the Fall for more info on next year’s auditions!

General Information

Each year, at the beginning of the Fall semester at GVSU, we hold auditions to determine the new members of our group. This year our auditions will be held in Room 1104 on the main floor of the Kirkhof Center on September 6th and 7th. Callbacks will be held on the 8th.

For your audition, we will ask you to sing a minute or so of a song of your choice. Pick whatever you think you sound best on, and usually a verse and a chorus of the song is the right amount of time. The style of music you sing doesn’t matter too much. We just want to hear you at your best! Pop, jazz, show tunes, folk music – we’ve heard it all!

We recommend showing up at least 10 minutes early, so you have time to fill out our “get to know you” form and dance around, meditate, or whatever you do to fight the nerves. We will have a table set up outside the room with a friendly person to walk you through the process, and give you a hug if you need one.

It’s always good to bring some water to your audition. You can bring sheet music or your lyrics, but we strongly recommend you have your music memorized. No need to bring a pitch pipe! We can play you a starting pitch if needed. Just bring all of your fun self, and leave the nerves at home! We all want you to do really well, and are rooting for you from the second you walk in the door! The audition will only last 10 minutes, and we hope you have fun!

After you sing for us, we’ll have you do a simple range test to see how high and low you can sing. Sometimes you sing, and we feel like we’ve got what we need. Other times, we want to hear a little bit more. This is no indication of whether or not you are awesome! So whether or not we do the following things shouldn’t discourage you. We just want to get the information we need to make the best decision possible.

Next we do a short segment of tonal memory but it’s not too bad, we promise. You’ll hear a melody on the piano or as a recording, and you try your best to sing it back to us. We also might give you a small, four bar sight singing exercise to determine your ability to read music. But don’t worry–reading music is not a requirement to be in the group.

We will give you a phone call the same day that you audition to let you know the results. It could potentially be pretty late at night because we have lots of auditions, but we will leave a voicemail if you don’t pick up. If we’d like to hear more from you, we will set up a call back audition for Sunday, September 10th.


How many new members are you looking for?

It depends on the year. We never have a set number of people because we don’t know how the auditions will turn out. When our members graduate (usually in April), we need to fill their spots in the group. Usually we take on 3 to 6 new members. We try to have around 14 to 17 total people in the group.

How and when can I sign up for an audition time?

Our auditions for the next semester are in the planning stage. We have you sign up for a time either by email ( or at Campus Life Night. Campus Life Night tends to be easier for people because they can see the more options for open slots. Also, you can meet us crazy GrooVe! members and ask us any questions you have about GrooVe! and your audition.

How much of a time commitment is GrooVe?

GrooVe! rehearses around 5-6 hours a week, sometimes more when we get close to a big event or a competition. This is comprised of two rehearsals every week as well as any gigs that we take on. We usually perform a couple times per month and put on a concert at the end of the Fall & Winter semesters. We ask you to bring your fall schedule with you to auditions so we know your availability!

When are the next GrooVe! auditions?

We hold auditions once per school year towards the beginning of Fall semester.

Who can audition for GrooVe!?

Any current student at Grand Valley State University may audition for GrooVe. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or just a student who feels like they’ll spend their whole life here, we encourage you to audition.


If you've got any questions about auditions, feel free to get in touch with us.

We know auditioning is stressful. Trust us, we’ve all been through it! That’s why we want to make sure that you are as comfortable and as confident as possible when you audition for GrooVe! If you’ve got a question, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.




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