GrooVe! A Cappella

Since 2009, GV GrooVe! has been rockin' Grand Valley State University's campus and the Grand Rapids area, bringing joy to everyone who has ears. Having performed at venues such as the Mrs. Michigan Pageant, the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, and various cities around the Mitten State, GrooVe! has a knack for making with the sing. On the off chance that GrooVe! isn't singing together, they can probably be found shoveling heaps of lake-effect snow while listening to a band you probably haven't heard of.

If you have an event where you would like us to perform or you just want more information about our group, please do not hesitate to call or email.


Booking number: 616-389-0225

We are pleased to introduce our newest members of GrooVe!

Meet Josh, our newest Tenor!

Meet Becca, our newest Soprano!

Meet Nic, our newest Bass!

We’re so excited to have added three new members to our big, GrooVe-y family and to see what this year has in store for us!


shut up mom! my acapella dubstep group WILL take off and you’ll be sorry for ever calling it stupid!

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This is my a cappella group GrooVe! performing Paper Planes by M.I.A. This was my solo from the concert. Enjoy! 

Check out this video from our last concert! Videos from the rest of our concert can be found here on our YouTube channel!

4 days until ICCAs!


Hey GrooVe! Guess what day it is!”


"No, Mitch. Don’t start this aga-"








Get pumped for our concert tonight!

Are you all ready for our concert this Friday? We’re sure ready to show you our big, awkward, GrooVey family!

Our very own JJ Manser, President of GrooVe!, is receiving the 2013 Kenneth R. Venderbrush Leadership award tonight! It’s giving to a senior who has made significant contributions in leadership at Grand Valley, and Mr. Manser is certainly deserving. Congratulations to JJ!